“Life without music would be like a human being without sense”
— Pharrell Williams
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We currently have a repertoire of 74 tunes and sets¹. The following examples give an idea of the range:

¹excluding members’ submissions

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Orange in bloom
Orange in bloom
aka Sherbourne waltz
Keel Row
Keel Row
Mairi's wedding set
19/01 improved MIDI
Mairi's wedding | Pulling bracken | Peat fire flame | Wha wadna' fecht for Charlie?
Amix, Am, Em, G2/2, 2/2, 4/4, 2/216 × 405/01/2017
Marching through Susanna set
O Susanna | Marching through Georgia
G4/432, 3231/05/2016
Never love a squirrel set
Hunt the squirrel | Never love thee more
G6/832, 1626/03/2016
Off to California
04/01: rebeamed quavers | Hardy OK for melody but not chords
Off to California
aka Fireman’s reel aka The juggler
Oyster girl
Oyster girl
aka Kingsbury jig
Blackthorn stick set
Blackthorn Stick | Rakes of Kildare
G, Em6/832, 3227/05/2021
Ryan in the woods set
Ryan's polka | Maggie in the woods
1st: aka John Ryan's, Jack Ryan's, Meg Ryan's, I'll have what's she's having
D, G2/232, 3214/07/2018
= new tune/set | = don’t use Hardy² | = not in Hardy² MIDIs
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²Most members have the 200-page Paul Hardy Session tunebook – see Briefing for details

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