“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything”
— Plato
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Folk Music

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We currently have a repertoire of 77 tunes and sets¹. The following examples give an idea of the range:

¹excluding members’ submissions

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Orange in bloom
30/07: better chords; layout; (melody & harmony unchanged)
Orange in bloom
aka Sherbourne waltz
Keel Row
Keel Row
Mairi's wedding set
Mairi's wedding | Pulling bracken | Peat fire flame | Wha wadna' fecht for Charlie?
Amix, Am, Em, G2/2, 2/2, 4/4, 2/216 × 405/01/2017
Marching through Susanna set
O Susanna | Marching through Georgia
G4/432, 3231/05/2016
Never love a squirrel set
Hunt the squirrel | Never love thee more
G6/832, 1626/03/2016
Off to California
Hardy OK for melody but not chords
Off to California
aka Fireman’s reel aka The juggler
Oyster girl
Oyster girl
aka Kingsbury jig
Blackthorn stick set
Blackthorn Stick | Rakes of Kildare
G, Em6/832, 3215/10/2017
Ryan in the woods set
Ryan's polka | Maggie in the woods
1st: aka John Ryan's, Jack Ryan's, Meg Ryan's, I'll have what's she's having
D, G2/232, 3214/07/2018
= new tune/set | = don’t use Hardy¹ | = not in Hardy¹ MIDIs
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¹Most members have the 200-page Paul Hardy Session tunebook – see Briefing for details

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