“The only truth is music”
— Jack Kerouac
quote ≠ endorse
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Folk Music

A typical programme

  Examples of tunes¹
One of two tunes we always start with. Serves as a warm-up, and also helps us gauge our progress over time
  • Orange in bloom
  • South winds
Established tunes
4-5 tunes or sets that we have played in earlier workshops
  • Mairi’s wedding set (Mairi’s wedding – Pulling bracken – Peat fire flame – Wha wadna’ fecht for Charlie?)
  • Monk’s march
  • Never love a squirrel set (Hunt the squirrel – Never love thee more)
  • Rakes of Mallow
New tunes
1 or 2 new or new-ish tunes
  • Merry blacksmith
  • Sally gardens reel
Coffee / tea & socialising
3-4 familiar tunes or sets at dance speed
  • Off she goes
  • Roddy McCorley
  • Willafjord
Sight reading
1 or 2 tunes nominated by group members, either submitted in advance or from the repertoire
Nominated by members (criteria apply)
One of three sets we always play out on
  • Blackthorn stick set (Blackthorn stick – Rakes of Kildare)
  • College hornpipe

¹at time of writing; evolves over time